Arar Gets Paid, Greens' Day Is Made, And Chris Bosh Is Totally Awesome
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Arar Gets Paid, Greens’ Day Is Made, And Chris Bosh Is Totally Awesome

20050330elpepuint_7_I_LCO.jpgOttawa reaches $10 million settlement with Maher Arar. Meanwhile, Arar is still on the American no-fly list, so the next time some American asks you why us Canadians are so smug and self-superior as regards them, just point them to this and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.
One in four Canadians lists the environment as their chief issue of concern. Twenty percent say they are very likely or somewhat likely to vote Green in the next election, which – well, it’s the Green party, so take the standard “divide by five to see what they really get” rule and – oh, look, four percent. Yep, sounds about right.
A new study sheds light on emergency room wait times in Ontario. Quick summary: they’re kinda long! And in Toronto, they’re longer than everywhere else, because we have more people and larger hospitals than everywhere else. Among other staggeringly obvious conclusions of the “wait, somebody spent money figuring this out?” variety are that bed shortages are bad and overcrowding contributes to longer wait times.
U of T lit student is Canada’s first Madden videogame football champion. Good news, everybody: here is one person you are probably much cooler than! Coolness not guaranteed if you participated in this challenge and lost. (This is not to say that playing football games makes you lame. However, describing your victory in these terms: “The game came down to the last play. It was a pretty dramatic finish and I just managed to pull out the win,” – that, on the other hand, yeah, it’s pretty sad.)
And finally, Chris Bosh is starting at the NBA All-Star Game! The last time anything this exciting happened to a Raptors player, it was Vince Carter, and we all know how that turned out, so, uh… never mind.
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