U of T Gets Mad Bling, Harper Can't Define Things, and the Leafs Feel A Sting
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U of T Gets Mad Bling, Harper Can’t Define Things, and the Leafs Feel A Sting

The University of Toronto received $2.4 million in a class-action settlement pertaining to vitamin price-fixing thanks to a court-ordered distribution of penalty funds. Seven other universities received the other $17.6 million in the settlement, including $4.8 million to the University of Guelph. No word yet on what U of T will do with the money, although rumours swirl that the university’s president will ask for it all in twenties, pour it out into one room, and try to swim in it.
Stephen Harper isn’t precisely sure how you define a Quebecois. Quote from the interview that did not make publication: “Who can define who a Quebecois is? Maybe you’re a Quebecois. Maybe that guy over there is. Maybe I am. Did you ever think about that? Maybe I’m a Quebecois. Turns things around if you look at it like that, eh?”
Preparations for the preliminary hearing to determine if the infamous “terror cell” suspects require criminal trial began yesterday. At this rate if an actual trial is necessary it will happen sometime in 2010. (That was not a joke. It will probably take that long.)
Queen’s Park passes legislation that gives Ontario municipalities greater political power. Biggest change: David Miller now allowed to use the guillotine “but only if really, really necessary.”
Dalton McGuinty accuses NDP of “grandstanding” over attempt to delay the MPP salary hike. McGuinty repeatedly alleged that the NDP somehow plans to “take the money,” perhaps not understanding the concept of “minority party” or “rule of law.”
And finally, Florida simply pasted the Leafs 7-3 last night.
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