Sincerest Form of Flattery, Part Two
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Sincerest Form of Flattery, Part Two

2006_12_18Whisky.jpegYou know your style must be tasty when everyone keeps trying to bite it. This new advertisement for Johnnie Walker whisky which has recently festooned Union station is clearly attempting to ally its product with our fair city by blatantly ripping off the Torontoist logo.
Oh, sure. The buildings are in a different order and they use the Skydome instead of a streetcar and they throw in the outline of what I assume is meant to be the ROM’s soon-to-be-completed Libeskind reno to punch up the au courant factor, but the silhouettes of the CN Tower, City Hall and OCAD all seem suspiciously similar to our own skyline insignia.
The Torontoist staff decided that I was uniquely qualified to write this particular post, having spent a lifetime facing similar problems of identity theft with this selfsame organisation. Apparently, it wasn’t quite enough to be the cause for endless questions like “Did your parents name you that because they’re alcoholics?” or “Hey! Do you know that you’re Johnnie Walker Red?” – now they also have to purloin my Torontoist’s logo to hock their booze. Well, I say enough is enough. Cease your purloinery, my eponymous liquor-smiths! Let’s just hope that dude with the cane sticks to the direction he appears to be moving in – away from Hogtown – and maybe follows his own advice. Just keep walking.
Photo courtesy of Ron Nurwisah.

UPDATE: A big thanks to all our readers for demonstrating that commenting on a blog is certainly not the sincerest form of flattery. This silly little controversy has even reached Leo Burnett Canada, the ad agency behind this campaign. You can check out their good-natured response on their blog.