Gay Marriage Stays, Temp Agencies Are Dismayed, and the Leafs Have More Bad Days
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Gay Marriage Stays, Temp Agencies Are Dismayed, and the Leafs Have More Bad Days

The motion to reopen Parliamentary debate on same-sex marriage was thrown to the curb, kicked a few times, then repeatedly stabbed with a rusty knife. Charles McVety, head of the Canadian Family Coalition, says his group will not give up the fight against same-sex marriage because “the people of Canada are not going to let this go.” (Of course, a solid majority of the people of Canada support same-sex marriage, and a bunch more do not actually give a damn if gays get married or not, so he is not actually accurate on this last point because we’re apparently quite happy to let it go. Also, he is a douchebag.)
Private member’s bill proposing crackdown on temp agencies passes second reading at Queen’s Park. I mention this partially as a former aggrieved temp, but mostly because it’s dreadfully amusing to read the Toronto Star insisting on putting “temp” in quotation marks, like it’s a quaint new catchphrase. Next week in the Toronto Star: an article on the debate over legalization of “the reefer.”
In other provincial government news, the Grits approve a major expansion to an existing quarry in Milton which has outraged environmentalists, which is step #297 in Dalton McGuinty’s 800-step plan to make Ontarians seriously consider voting for the provincial NDP again.
Scarborough city councillor insists Scarborough isn’t getting a fair shake. He proposes a series of 5K runs through Scarborough to showcase its picturesque neighborhoods. (No. Really.)
The Ontario government has resolutely refused to legalize raw milk. Hunger striking dairy farmer says that the government underestimates the “enormous people power behind [his] cause.” No word yet if the dairy farmer is actually Charles McVety in disguise.
Finally, the Leafs lose their sixth in a row.