Women Get The Axe, Liberals Get the Hacks, and Raps Just Can't Relax
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Women Get The Axe, Liberals Get the Hacks, and Raps Just Can’t Relax

The Tories are taking a chainsaw to Status of Women Canada, closing three-quarters of the organization’s regional offices, including Toronto’s. Heritage Minister Bev Oda insisted that the budget cuts and office closings will streamline the department and make it more efficient. Just like a business! Because government should be run like a business!
In other comedy news, the Liberal leadership convention started yesterday. Given the choice between Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae, Gerard Kennedy and Stephan Dion, expect to see a lot of write-in votes for Howard Dean. (Seriously, look at that list. It’s like Canadian Idol in reverse.)
The raw milk saga continues as Jamie Kennedy and other rich friends stage a sort-of-a-rally at Kennedy’s wine bar on Church Street. Kennedy led the crowd in chants of “One, two, three, four / pasteurized milk is such a bore! / Five, six, seven, eight / give us the right to raw lactate!” Okay, that last bit didn’t happen, but don’t you wish it did?
In TTC news, officials say that spending more money on new streetcars now will save money in the long run since the cost of repairing them constantly is a lot of money. TTC officials also say that the federal or provincial government will have to pony up the cash for said streetcars, which prompted knowing, hollow laughter from City Hall.
Study shows that most Great Lakes cities, including Toronto, are fouling the Lakes with their sewage output. And here you thought that lakewater was supposed to be puke green!
Finally, last night was the Dallas Mavericks’ turn to humilate the Raptors.