The "Is Quebec A Nation" Showdown Continues, CRTC Is Mean, Toronto Mobsters Unite!
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The “Is Quebec A Nation” Showdown Continues, CRTC Is Mean, Toronto Mobsters Unite!

2006_11_27Kennedy.jpgLiberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy is the first to take a stand against the Harper-Duceppe motion to declare Quebec “a nation within a united Canada.”
Kennedy states, “I respect the sense of identity shared by many Quebecers, reflecting a common culture, language, history and accomplishment and I will continue to promote that identity, rather than playing divisive political games with it.”
BC Premier Gordon Campbell uses the hotly debated topic to promote his own agenda of recognizing the country’s aboriginal peoples as an equal nation as well.
Two Canadian soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Kandahar, bringing the death toll of Canadian troops in Afghanistan to 44.
National television networks like CTV and Global ask the CRTC to loosen advertising restrictions, allow more commercial minutes per hour and to charge cable and satellite companies for their signal.
Toronto mobsters see an opportunity to profit after last week’s arrest of 73 members of the Montreal-based Rizzuto crime family.

Darren Coogan
was honoured at the Rexdale Sikh spiritual centre yesterday after rescuing Satwinder Bajwa from a burning vehicle earlier this month. In a time of cultural and religious turmoil, this is the type of thing that inspires the warm fuzzies. Oh, you guys!

courtesy of flungingpictures on Flickr.