Film Friday: The Films out this Week are Boring, and That's not Stranger than Fiction
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Film Friday: The Films out this Week are Boring, and That’s not Stranger than Fiction

2006_11_10_strange.jpgThere are several films out this week. As there are every week. But for some reason Torontoist just isn’t that interested in them this time. Oh, sure, we could riff on the new Will Ferrell vehicle, Stranger than Fiction, but we are… Disinterested, as we said. Thankfully the professionals aren’t so undisciplined, with Eye Weekly’s Jason Anderson praising the script as “clever and idiosyncratic”, and Barrett Hooper from Now calling it “genuinely funny and surprisingly touching.”
Also out is Ridley Scott’s A Good Year, on which Eye’s Adam Nayman wonders just as much as Torontoist why on earth anyone would bother with in the first place; “The two hours really do feel like a year in Provence”, he quips. Perhaps something big and dumb like Harsh Times, starring Christian Bale in “incredibly muscular” mode rather than his “incredibly emaciated” look most recently seen in TIFF’s Rescue Dawn, might make us feel less lethargic, but Adam Nayman doesn’t give that any quarter either; “This ostensible indictment of thoughtless, rampaging machismo merely feels like a byproduct of the same.”
Oh well. Perhaps we’re more excited by this week’s festivals?
Well of course we are.
This week not only do the Regent Park Film Festival and the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival continue, but this weekend the wonderful Japanese Short Film Festival is running, including such intriguing sounding shorts such as Oh! Pee-Pee and Surprise Brothers. Who could resist?
However, if you’d rather wait for a more pan-Asian experience, the wait is only until Wednesday, when the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival holds its opening gala, After This, Our Exile, at the Bloor Cinema, 7pm. We should have fuller coverage in the coming week, but in the meantime, be sure to check their whole schedule.