Etiquette Citations We'd Like To See
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Etiquette Citations We’d Like To See

Sharing public spaces with millions of other people takes work. Most of the time, it’s no biggie for the seasoned city resident, but every now and then a serious etiquette violation can upset the balance.
Many civic etiquette offenses may be genuinely innocent. The amount of people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk indicates that many casual cyclists don’t realize that it’s not only illegal, but it’s frustrating for pedestrians.
Other lapses in etiquette are simply a result of selfishness. Not using your turn signal while zipping back and forth across the Gardiner is making the assumption that others will adapt to your driving. Rushing the doors of a streetcar before the twenty people in line ahead of you is borderline sociopathic behaviour, even if it does get you a seat.
Normally, we fire-up the ol’ mental death ray to obliterate these offenders in our imaginations, vaporizing them where they stand, hopefully in a flash of extreme agony. In our fantasies, these etiquette offenders are penalized for their offenses to the maximum extent, but what if we could issue bad behaviour citations like parking tickets?
Continue reading to see how Torontoist imagines these tickets would look like. We’ve also linked to PDF versions of them to download in case our readers actually want to drop a hint to someone on their own.

Download Parking Etiquette PDF
Download Entertainment District Etiquette PDF
Download Transit Etiquette PDF
Download Personal Hygiene Etiquette PDF