TTC Gets Dissed Like It's 2001, Fails To Notice
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TTC Gets Dissed Like It’s 2001, Fails To Notice

102606Che4.jpgJust when you might have become complacent with Che Guevara’s mug being slapped on every other t-shirt in sight, the icon of socialist revolutions is back to bring justice against our public transportation.
A group calling themselves Guevara Advertising Inc. have taken issue with a set of doors at the south entrance of the Yonge/Bloor subway stop. Apparently these doors have been out of service for two months, and only a hand-written notice visible on the inside of the station says not to use them. Hence, people attempting to enter from the outside could understandably be frustrated.
Guevara Advertising Inc. have retaliated by making a more official looking sign, only this one states that the doors are “scheduled to be fixed: NEVER!” However clever the Photoshop’n of the TTC logos may be, the group has used Che Guevara’s image as their logo and yet another play on the phrase “the revolution will not be televised” as their tagline (“The Revolution Will Be Advertised”). The use of both allusions is, at this point, ironically not revolutionary. (To say nothing of the fact that, “critics point out that Che Guevara was ‘personally responsible’ for the torture and execution of hundreds of people in Cuban prisons, and the murder of many more peasants in the regions controlled or visited by his guerrilla forces.”)
Short of imposing a ban on trivially using Guevara’s image- especially disputes with the city’s public transportation- maybe people can just be honest and buy one of these?