Torontoist Scoops CityTV; World Stops.




Torontoist Scoops CityTV; World Stops.

We caught Tuesday’s CityTV news segment comparing Tim Horton’s new breakfast sandwich to McDonald’s established one, and the whole thing felt eerily familiar. As muted fury coloured our cheeks a brighter red than Consumer Specialist Jee-Yun Lee’s coat, we recalled that five of our contributors already got together just a week ago to do the same thing. Could there be cross-medium war over mundanity?
A few things that we noticed:255833516_1a2a8fb1a5_m.jpg

  • Our sample size was bigger – Lee ordered five sandwiches but only interviews four people (and the first woman seemed to order her sandwich herself and then never compared it to McDonald’s). Someone’s sneaking sandwiches.
  • Banter between the Torontoist staff members (pictured at right) was not forced and slightly awkward.
  • We didn’t pretend that the primary concern of the taste test was the financial burden (which, as CityTV rightly noted, is equal for each) and we recognized that the whole thing was pretty mundane.
  • We didn’t talk to any surprisingly cocky McDonald’s reps.
  • We gave much more information about every aspect of each fast food place’s sandwich.
  • There is not nearly enough follow-up in CityTV’s segment about each sampler’s digestion.

But we’ll still be your friend, CityTV! To apologize, maybe you can take us all out for coffee. And a delicious breakfast sandwich.
“Versus” Graphic by Marc Lostracco. Shot of Torontoist staffers enjoying their tasty meal by David Topping.