So You Think You Can Dancers invade Toronto today
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So You Think You Can Dancers invade Toronto today

At left: Jennrock’s sign says it best. (Photo by B-Mom Marta van Eerdewijk) Top right: the familiar set. Bottom right: stage door throngs in Buffalo.
Last month, ever dedicated Torontoist undertook a special mission to Buffalo with b-girl crew, Shebang!, to preview the touring road show of So You Think You Can Dance before today’s Toronto performance at the Hummingbird Centre.
Truth be known, we could not get tickets for the Toronto date. That should have been our first hint of what to expect: two solid hours of wall-to-wall screaming, the likes of which has not been heard since Beatlemania. We’re talking teen girls crying over the Mambo here.
The stage show delivers exactly what it’s supposed to: a faithful and fast-paced reproduction of the TV series, with extended versions of favourite group numbers and none of that pesky competition. This is dance for the short-attention-spanned.
That said, to see a group of dancers given the rockstar treatment was phenomenal unto itself; we hope the young stars are enjoying it while it lasts. Much of the dancing is good, and the stamina of a choice few who dominate nearly every number is something of a marvel. Our greatest hope is that shows like these will play a part in introducing dance to very new audiences– a burden that has been shouldered mainly by The Nutcracker for far too long.
As if perky summer ratings weren’t enough proof of the show’s success, it can be confirmed by a quick glance at Craigslist, where pairs of tickets are selling for a cool $250-$500.
A perusal of postings there will reveal that while the show was good at $50, at these prices, So You Think You Can Dance Tickets have now entered that bracket where they will make the perfect gift if you:

  • need to keep alive the dream that your tween’s affection can be bought
  • forgot another anniversary
  • need to make amends with a mother-in-law

But never fear. If your motives are pure and your credit card is maxed, you can still catch a glimpse of the So You Think You Can Dancers when they appear at Much Music this afternoon. (Note to drivers: avoid Queen Street this aft.)
Or you can head over to the Hummingbird Centre stage door after the show, where we are assured the dancers will sign each and every autograph asked of them, even if it means standing out in the rain until 4 a.m. (Whether because they want to soak up every last nanosecond of fleeting fame, or due to contractual obligation, we’re not sure.)
And if doing is more your thing than screaming and you’re inspired to get your own hip or lindy hop steez on, head over to b-girl Maehem’s Street Dance Academy just down the street from Much at Queen and Spadina. There’s less crying, and if you’re nice, someone might teach you the Charleston, or a shoulder freeze. (Drills if you’re mean.)