Grameen Bank Founder Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Tories' Environmental Plan Fails To Impress, and It's Snowing!
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Grameen Bank Founder Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Tories’ Environmental Plan Fails To Impress, and It’s Snowing!

nobelinsidedone.jpgIt is Friday the 13th! Wooooooooo! Auspicious time to begin new news column! Luckily we do not suffer from triskaidekaphobia, or we’d all be in trouble.
Mohammed Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank, wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Yunus created the Grameen Bank on the theory that microcredit loans could be of great help in alleviating poverty, and it turns out he was right about that. Yunus is the first Nobel Prize winner from Bangladesh, which you have to admit is kind of nifty.
Apparently the Tories’ Clean Air Act has been leaked, and environmental groups are, to say the least, not impressed. (All those who really expected a major showing from Stephen Harper on this front, raise your hands – nope, not seeing many hands…)
Former TO police chief Julian Fantino was confirmed yesterday as the new nominee for the commissionership of the Ontario Provincial Police. Fantino claims to not have been following the Caledonia standoff in any particular depth, which is good because that’s not part of his job or anything like that.
In electoral news, an Ontario judge has reversed a decision about electoral funding laws that effectively gives a number of small parties money retroactive from 2003. The suit was brought forward by seven parties acting in unison, including the Christian Heritage Party, the Marijuana Party and the Marxist-Leninists, who will likely never agree on anything ever again.
The vast majority of Torontonians polled want Queen’s Park to bail out the deeply-in-debt Toronto School Board rather than force spending cuts.
Finally, you may have noticed some snow yesterday. Not enough in the downtown to even make a snowball, but in the Niagara Region, they got a little bit more.