Toronto After Dark Film Festival Launches with a Fork in the Nose
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Toronto After Dark Film Festival Launches with a Fork in the Nose

2006_09_29_afterdark.gifYes, yes, we know we’re trying to be nice for a change, but screw that! Let us worship at the altar of our dark overlord [“Gothamist?” – Ed.] and celebrate the launch of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival by… Sticking forks in our noses!
Actually, let’s not. Still, that’s what sideshow performer and “human freakshow” The Great Orbax decided to do last night at the After Dark Film Festival launch party, held at the Bovine Sex Club. We’re not (entirely) sure how strong the stomachs of our readers are, so we’ll put the image after the jump, along with the details of the fest. If the image turns your stomach (and it’s not that bad) then the festival probably isn’t for you, eh?

2006_09_29_fork.jpgThere he is, kids. A man with a fork in his nose. He also had lovely assistants staple cards to his body and walked on glass. And even told some terrible jokes and ragged on a couple of drunk dudes “from Parkdale.”
But enough about him!
The Toronto After Dark Film Festival announced their full line up, a pleasing mix of sci-fi, horror and action with a healthy dose of comedy. The announcement included opening night gala, Special. Starring Michael Rapaport, who you may know as the lead in the hateful sitcom The War at Home, he plays Les, a man who may, or may not, have become a superhero. It looks surprisingly excellent! The closing night gala is Behind the Mask, a story set in the world where the icons of slasher films are real and the main character wishes to join their ranks. Apparently a meta-film about slasher flicks as much as it is one.
The other films on offer are: Beach Party At The Threshold Of Hell, Funky Forest (looks absolutely ace; utter Japanese insanity); Frostbite, Mad Cowgirl, Night Of The Living Dorks, Re-Cycle, Retribution, Shinobi, Sl8n8, Special, Tokyo Zombie and Vengeance.
Even better, After Dark have programmed a series of Canadian short films to play before each film, including The Eyes of Edward James (Which we loved at this year’s TIFF); and Lloyd Kaufman’s Make Your Own Damn Movie Masterclass. If you know his name, you’ll know it’s unmissable.
The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is happening at the Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor W.) between October 20-24th. Tickets are currently on sale online, including a pass for the full festival which is good value at $99, though the Lloyd Kaufman masterclass is a separate event costing $30. There are student and Bloor Cinema member discounts, though!