TIFF 2006: Blog Roundup Day 5
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TIFF 2006: Blog Roundup Day 5

We start today’s blog roundup with more line eavesdropping. This time it’s a couple complaining about their single tickets and the definition of “best seat available.” The gist of the complaint:

The woman was arguing that “Best seat available” should mean she should be able to wait until the last minute and then choose empty seats on the floor. “They used to let us do that.” She really hated that those who were lucky enough to get RUSH tickets, got to go to the floor seats.

We’d also like to point out to this woman that rush tickets also means you could stand in line for hours only to find out that they’re only letting in four people.
2006_9_13death.jpgWe then salute yet another entertaining post by Jeremy Barker over at Popped Culture who pans Death of A President. The much talked about film apparently squanders its resources on not examining just what would happen in a world where Bush actually did get assassinated:

After taking the bold step to use the current president as a target, the filmmakers appeared to lose their nerve to explore the worldwide ramifications of what would happen if the U.S. president was assassinated in the current world climate. D.O.A.P. focused more on detailing security failures and legal procedures than making a political statement.

Roger Friedman from Fox News pans it but gives it a surprisingly even-handed appraisal.

There are some big questions that have to be answered about this movie. One, will it give some crazy person the idea to go out and try to kill the president? I don’t know, maybe. I think there’s something tasteless about showing a sitting president in this light, whether you like him or not. The producers of the film told me they thought Bush looked sympathetic here, but I didn’t see that.

Fair and Balanced? Maybe this once.
Finally we prove once again that the TIFF and beautiful starlets can turn anyone into a photo-snapping fan-boy. In this case semi-professional poker player Craig MacRae. Hey if we were that close to Penelope Cruz we’d be weak-kneed too.