TIFF 2006: Blog Roundup Day 4
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TIFF 2006: Blog Roundup Day 4

It’s not quite an uprising more like a small complaint but an important one nonetheless. “Why are there no Q and A’s at the Elgin theatre,” Jeremy Barker at Popped Culture asks?

“We’ve already accosted two film fest directors this week to ask what was up. Noah Cowan, co-director of the festival, explained that while “we understand that interaction is integral to the festival experience, emptying the theatre is a logistical nightmare….But is it really the logistics that are the problem? Ryerson Theatre seats upwards of 800 and there are Q&As there. Yes, it’s a lecture theatre, but it doesn’t seem to empty out much quicker.”

Vickie over at Moviepie Musings points a finger at jerks in film fest lines. We read her description of their behaviour and we are disgusted. We hope that next year these jerks get none of their tickets and are always sitting behind a guy or girl with very big hair.
The folks over at the Brangelina fans blog find that people in Toronto have a hate-on for Angelina Jolie.

“…people had disparaging things to say about Angelina. Calling her a homewrecker, adopting/having kids to trap Brad, he’s brainwashed, she’s crazy and a tramp and will get bored with him, and her ‘big lips’. WTF? It took everything for me to not interrupt those conversations and tell them that they were full of shit, ignorant of the facts, and just plain old fashioned dumb ass haters!”

2006_9_11sheep.jpgFinally, snakes on a what? The next big film animal are going to be sheep. Over at the Hollywood Reporter Risky Business blog the New Zealand horror film, Black Sheep, is getting talked up. Rumour has it Fox is interested in snatching up the cult film. Here’s a review from cult-film website Twitch. And while it’s not a Borat-like entrance we have to admit sheep with bow ties are pretty damn adorable.