TIFF 2006: Blog Roundup Day 3
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TIFF 2006: Blog Roundup Day 3

2006_9_10volver.jpgIt seems like that the TIFF has raised more questions than it answers. The most pressing one is just how do you pronounce the titles of two much talked about films Volver and Babel.
Vickie at Moviepie Musings chimes in:

If, like I did, you’re wondering how to properly pronounce Volver, allow me to tell you: it’s pronounced vol-VEHR. Preferably with a rolling R. A plea: if anyone went to see Babel, please feel free to inform me how that titled if meant to be said. So far, in watching TV coverage, I’ve heard it pronounced BAY-bul, BAH-bul and, my favourite, buh-BELLE.

Torontoist would also like to offer a belated welcome to the tons of first-time visitors to Toronto. Kim Vonyar over at Cinematical has taken snaps at various interesting local landmarks like The Elgin Theatre, The Scientology Office at Yonge Street and a very spooky looking construction tunnel.
We’re a little less amused by Phileysmiley’s impressions of Toronto and Canada as a whole. To clear things up: most of us speak English here, gas prices are terrible compared to the US, we have a speed limit and last but not least here’s a metric-imperial conversion chart. You’re welcome.
Finally Shannon Gee from Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger gives us this titillating review of Shortbus

I will say this though: There is a lot of cock. There’s some vag too. And some dominatrixing. And masturbation. And cunnilingus. And fellatio…

We hope to see this quoted in the ads.