Rocker Wins, Nation Takes Credit
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Rocker Wins, Nation Takes Credit

20060913_Episode211C_0650.jpgTorontoist has done it again. Not only did we accurately predict the fall of Communism and every U.S. President since Teddy Roosevelt, way back at the beginning of August we told you that Toronto’s own Lukas Rossi would win Rockstar:Supernova. That’s the show where American Idol meets Spinal Tap at CBGB, or something like that.
Anyway, the votes are in, and the former Hooters fry cook is riding high as the new singer for “Supernova”, the pre-fab metal supergroup boasting former members of Metallica, Guns’n’Roses, and Motley Crew. In the final episode, Lukas beat out 3 other singers, including odds-on favorite, tiny goth-girl Dilana, to win the right to perform and party with the aging rockers.
Between the time we posted our Rossi interview and his triumph last night, we had a lot of comments on the site from his fans [being the #3 Google result for “Lukas Rossi” for about a month didn’t hurt — Ed.], who never expressed any doubt that he would emerge victorious. They expressed a lot of other things, though, often with their own rock’n’roll approach to spelling and grammar. Read on for our favourites.

Patriotism was a common theme, as Nikki B observes:
Lukas Rossi is killing the competition..!! We all have favorites obviously lukas,dilana,storm and toby~ but Lukas is totally rockin it every night!! killer job canadian thats why!
Further down, we read:
I care about him because he’s from canada. he puts all of those gay canadian stereotypes to rest. I’m already proud to be canadian..cuz its a beautiful country and the NHL is all canadian and we’ve got so much talent. But he makes me more proud to be Canadian
By someone posting as The Canadian One, just in case you missed the national pride angle.
But it’s not just Canadians. When it comes to Lukas’s talent, the world speaks with one voice:
Well you might not even know but this message is coming straight to you from NEPAL, do you even know that there does exist a country called Nepal and we do get to see all you wonderful rockers. And I am your “the greatest fan.”
lukas iam your pakistani fan i sure u got the supernova as a band member best wishes for u you are amazing men i pray for u.
And Lukas, I’m from MALAYSIA! You have fans all over the world! :) Woo-woo-woo!
Another Lukas Fan
my mum thought toby would win, but i knew it would be you!
from ur #1 fan from new zealand!

Some viewers were inspired to poetry:
luke rocks.
he knows it.
he looks stunning too.
his voice melts my face.
he is the winner.
i already know it.
muah!, luke, muah!

Alissa P from San Antonia
And of course, some people just can’t keep it in their pants.
I want to jump his bones till I have hip displasure.

Good luck Annie, maybe you’ll get your chance when he’s in town.
With the show over, Lukas will finish recording an album with the band before heading out on tour. Supernova are scheduled to play Massey Hall on January 24, so if that’s what you’re into, you should go. The comments should’ve died out by then.
Photo by Danny Moloshok/Blue Pixel.