Much Less Music
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Much Less Music

2006_09_07_differentworld.jpgSometimes you have to wonder what they’re thinking down on Queen Street.
First there was MuchMusic, “The Nation’s Music Station.”
Remember when you were growing up and you told all your American friends how much cooler -how much more REAL it was than MTV?
Well, then it kinda stopped playing music (just like MTV) so they brought in Much More Music which played LESS music than the old MuchMusic but more than the current MuchMusic, if you follow.
But MMM quickly devolved into a depository for regurgitated VH1 crap with tenuous ties to music (The Surreal Life, The Fabulous Life of Donald Trump etc.) as well as enough list- and alphabet-related shows to put Sesame Streetto shame. If you were lucky you might catch a Stabilo or Ron Sexsmith video airing at 8:30 a.m. (albeit in the upper right corner of the screen) but, hey, it was something.
Now, we can’t help but wonder about the current glut of reruns taking over the MMM airways. It seems that they are constantly running 80s-quasi-classics Fame and Coz-spawn A Different World. The former at least has some connection to the arts and music but the latter?
Sure, it’s nice to see the antics of Dwayne Wayne back on the air and it’s exciting to see Marissa Tomei honing the acting chops that would soon bring her Oscar gold but we have to wonder – wow did Chum put this one past the CRTC? Did they remind them that Lisa Bonet was once married to Lenny Kravitz? That she played a Frampton-spewing indie-folk-rock artist in High Fidelity?
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
(By the way, did you know that A Different World was on TV for SIX seasons? It’s a fact!)