Road Woes Mar Weekend, Cops and Cameras Calm Caribana, Toronto Loses Round One of Sludge Fight
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Road Woes Mar Weekend, Cops and Cameras Calm Caribana, Toronto Loses Round One of Sludge Fight

Three hit and runs in Etobicoke over the weekend has killed one and injured five others. Two of the hit and runs were possibly sparked by earlier disputes.
Sgt. Cam Wooley, our favourite OPP officer, regales us with tales of idiotic drivers on Ontario’s highways. Highlights include a man driving without a license with other adults in the car who did, and concerned citizens who told officers that the speeder they were ticketing was also being a careless driver.
Caribana’s Yonge St. afterparty seems a lot calmer this year. No one died which always a good thing, but we wonder whether all the cameras and cops took some fun out of the weekend. The Star roves around downtown Toronto during the festivities and unearthed a few bad stories, including the police shaking down a teenager with unopened beer in his bag. Since when has it been illegal for someone to carry unopened beer in their bag?
The Docks are fuming because the Toronto Islands will soon be hosting a few of its own loud events, such as Wakestock and one event where the Docks is even a co-sponsor. Island residents contend that most of those events end by 10pm and the noise is blocked out by nearby land.
The city is temporarily expanding the Martin Goodman trail between Bathurst and Jarvis but only between Aug. 11-20. Oh city stop teasing us with all these waterfront promises.
The Ontario Superior Court denies the city’s request for an injunction against Michigan’s Republic Services, which means we still need to find someone to take about half of our sludge.

Photo from Spirited Away in the Torontoist + Flickr Pool.