Film Friday: It Wasn’t Me, Officer! The Jews Did It!
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Film Friday: It Wasn’t Me, Officer! The Jews Did It!

Oh man! We’re really disappointed here at Torontoist towers as it’s really far too late in the week to make any jokes about a crazy drunken Mel Gibson. I mean, what is there left to say? Still, we suppose, it’s only increased our frothing anticipation for Apocalypto, particularly the great reveal at the end where it turns out that all the evil priests, drenched in the blood of their gory, despicable (and numerous) human sacrifices are actually evil Jews.
We kid, we kid. It… Probably won’t end like that. Probably.
Ahem, onto less inflammatory nonsense, then. The big film this week is definitely Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, which for some reason everyone likes to refer to with its whole title. I mean, what, does everyone go around going “Yeah, I really enjoyed Will Ferrell’s last movie, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”? … Maybe they do, actually. Anyway, folks, you know what you’re getting – a loose plot, amusing improvisational comedy, and Ferrell’s frantic mugging for the camera.
Of course, this week is Ferrell vs. Carell, with Steve Carell a member of the ensemble cast of Little Miss Sunshine, of which Eye’s Jason Anderson notes the most important thing – that directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris directed the Wyckyd Scepter sketch in Mr Show. They’ve worked with Bob and David! They must be blessed!
Well, we were actually lucky enough to have seen Little Miss Sunshine at a preview screening and we have to say… Hmm. Though the audience found it gosh-darned hilarious, but we were a bit nonplussed as to why they were laughing a lot of the time (the grandpa swears a lot! That’s hilarious!) but it keeps the story moving along at a fast enough pace that you’re never bored, and features such an incredibly strong, amusing finale that you walk out having really enjoyed it, until you think about it for a bit and become less sure. With hesitation we’ll say that we liked it, but it’s no classic. Steve Carell is really good in it, though. And he looks really buff in that white shirt (a little too buff for a Proust scholar, if you ask me). Eye’s Adam Nayman notes the same thing in an interview with the man himself.
Also out this week is Black Gold, previously shown at this year’s Hot Docs. We took a look at it at the time, and noted “Black Gold is filmed beautifully, with even the scenes of extreme poverty in Ethiopia given a cinematic sheen, but this seems to come at a cost of hard facts, and at points even descends to glibness.”
And finally, what’s the haps at Cinematheque this week? Well, New Tale of Zatoichi at 8:30pm tonight, and more Samurai later on in the week with Harakiri on Wednesday at 8:00pm. All showings at Jackman Hall, AGO, 317 Dundas W.