Enfin! Un Rush Hour Canadien
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Enfin! Un Rush Hour Canadien

OK, d’accord, comme promis, without compromise, we have right here your revue franglais de Bon Cop Bad Cop. Compris?
Le film commence avec le discovery d’un body sprawled across la frontière du Québec and l’Ontario like a grim metaphor for the last 10 years de Torontoist(e)’s life. Say ce qu’tu veux du film, but we may never look at that sign on la 401 the same way again.
L’offering s’agit d’un ‘cop movie’ cliché with des explosions clichés wherein family members are menacéed in a clichéd manière, against a backdrop of every imaginable cliché about Canadiens, le hockey and La Difference. Mais, mixed all together avec plein de bons bad jokes, gory murders, pop culture references and lots of word play, ça marche! Throughout the movie, le monde was laughing à plein coeur at all the right moments.
Despite its bilinguisme, the movie retains un sensibilité Québecois distinct that was refreshing to see sur l’écran à Toronto. Torontoist(e) particularly appreciated le villain qui parle avec un accent in both languages (“Who was your teacher? Jean Chrétien?”) and scenes where Francophone characters spoke English to francophones pour être mieux understood. Uniting the two solitudes over a shared resentment of American hockey sell-outs was also a stroke of génie.
Funny, violent, it was… what’s the word? Blockbusterlicious? Since it’s doing well at la billeterie, j’imagine qu’we can look forward to une belle bonne sequel. Until then, keep hockey in Canada, and vive le Québec libre.