Bombardier/TTC Deal Up For Review, MPs Suggest Removing Hezbollah From Terrorist List, and Isn't Wentworth Miller Dreamy?
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Bombardier/TTC Deal Up For Review, MPs Suggest Removing Hezbollah From Terrorist List, and Isn’t Wentworth Miller Dreamy?

Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom Hello, class! Ron isn’t here today. I will be your substitute Ron.
The TTC will be reviewing a controversial no-compete proposal from Bombardier for new TTC subway cars today. An offer exists from Siemens to fill the contract for much less (we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars here); however, the Bombardier contract would mean increased tax revenues in Ontario that TTC chair Howard Moscoe argues would outstrip the additional costs.
During a fact-finding trip in Lebanon, Toronto MPs Borys Wrzesnewskyj and Peggy Nash argued that Hezbollah should be taken off Canada’s list of terrorist organizations. That dark cloud on the horizon, incidentally, is a political shitstorm.
A squatter living in a homemade home underneath the Gardiner Expressway is refusing to move after city officials have told him they need to work on the concrete support pillars his home blocks off. The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty has offered to help the squatter with a sit-in.
Toronto saw its first case of West Nile virus this weekend. No worries, she’s recovering at home now.
Halton MP Garth Turner narrowly avoided an attempted putsch this weekend as religious conservatives who dislike Turner’s support for same-sex marriage withdrew their attempt to nominate D’arcy Keene to take Turner’s seat from him. The coalition that supported Keene cited a wish to avoid damaging the Conservative brand, which is code for “realized they couldn’t win.”
And finally, the second season of Prison Break begins tonight on Global. The question remains, however – now that they’ve broken out of prison, will the series get a name change to Prison Broke or are they gonna catch the prisoners and make them break out all over again?