Pitfield Wants YOU for the TTC Committee, Student Gets To Stay, Toronto's Next Top Gangster
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Pitfield Wants YOU for the TTC Committee, Student Gets To Stay, Toronto’s Next Top Gangster

2006_7_21jane.jpgMayoral Candidate Jane Pitfield is as fed up with the shenanigans at the TTC committee as we are but we think her idea of appointing members of the public to the committee is even worse. Pitfield wants four out of the nine members of the committee to be drawn from the public. On one hand we could get someone like James Bow on the TTC on the other hand we could get someone who is an SUV driving, bus hating idiot. More importantly, if we’re having this much trouble reining in people we elected what’s it gonna be like when we start dealing with people who are appointed?
Councillor Frances Nunziata vows to stop any new bars from opening up on Weston Road. She feels the bars that are currently there are part of the reason why crime has spiked in that neighbourhood. “They know they can go in there, do what they have to do, deal drugs and they’re not going to be stopped because the owner isn’t going to say anything,” she said to the National Post.
Matthew Nguyen, the 18-year old French orphan (doesn’t that sound positively tragic?) will get to stay in Canada after receiving a reprieve from Immigration Minister Monte Solberg. Nguyen had many people writing letters on his behalf, some even offered to adopt the young man.
Development at Exhibition Place is being stalled because the site the building sits on is actually an archeological site dating back to the 1840s.
Toronto Hydro Telecom’s plans to blanket downtown Toronto with wi-fi has been delayed for a number of reasons including security and health concerns but they vow that you’ll be able to e-mail, surf and text message anywhere in downtown Toronto by September.
Despite the Summer of the Gun and a spike in murders, Toronto is actually only the fifth worst-city in Canada for murders. The dubious honour goes to Edmonton, with 44 murders.
TV execs are you reading this? Ok, how’s this for a reality show. We get a bunch of mid-level crime figures, we get them to compete against each other with challenges like the dead body toss, money laundering operations, extortion, smuggling get them to all live in a house together and get people to vote one of them Toronto’s next top gangster? It’d be like the Sopranos meets the Apprentice. No?