Hyping the Hype: Stillepost Watch
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Hyping the Hype: Stillepost Watch

If you’d like to take thoroughly reading NOW Magazine’s live show listings one step further, cautiously enter the Toronto section of Stillepost. The message board is frequented by musicians, promoters, and the like, so a head’s up on upcoming shows can often be found. (Info on the Wolf Parade show on Aug. 5, for example, would’ve helped this person.)
But the insider’s scoop comes with its share of behind-the-scenes drama. The most recent is the sudden closing of The Bagel, the popular diner/venue at College & Spadina. Last Wednesday’s comedy night, Circular Laughter Bread, was unexpectedly cancelled at the last minute by the venue’s management. And by the looks of a particular Stillepost thread, the sketchiness doesn’t end there.
In an open message to Bagel owner “Greg”, Stillepost member “Candice” writes, “We’re calling the police if you don’t get back to us by 5pm because WE NEED OUR GEAR.” [Use of uppercase by original author.] Lest there be any confusion, Candice adds, “GET THE FUCK BACK TO US SO AS TO SPARE A VISIT FROM THE COPS.”
Later in the thread, Candice offers some explanation: “[Greg has] had my band’s stuff for 6 DAYS [sic] and won’t let us know what the deal is… while he’s randomly canceling shows and amassing trash heaps inside The Bagel.”
Apparently the situation stems from a sudden closure of the venue, just prior to a show. “JohnnyArrogant” writes, “We got there last night and were just all [what-the-fuck]. I’ve never had that happen before. Just a sign on a door – no show. Fucking top notch pro booker shit right there.”
On page two of the thread, the angry outbursts were replaced with further info, as “spark” offered this: “Okay, so Greg hasn’t paid his rent, and is officially awol. The landlord is going to evict him if he doesn’t show up.”
Only time will tell how the crisis resolves itself. If the Bagel does stay closed, the community loses a favorite eatery and music venue all in one. But it would seem the dilemma extends beyond the walls of the diner itself.
“If the guy has time to sign into his myspace account today, as the page says he has”, writes Candice, “He damn well has time to respond to the messages i’ve been sending. which he hasn’t.” [sic]
Photo of the Bagel during happier times from the Bagel’s website.