Film Friday: Who Killed Vaudeville? Or Did It Perform Seppuku?
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Film Friday: Who Killed Vaudeville? Or Did It Perform Seppuku?

So we’ve already covered Who Killed The Electric Car? then. That’s good. Unfortunately, in the world of general release movies, there’s basically nothing happening, so…
Goodnight everybody!
No, wait, we can’t do that. Look, we could waste time talking about You, Me and Dupree, which is yet another film with a late press screening and yet another film squandering Owen Wilson, who, despite his excellent work with Wes Anderson we may yet grow to hate. We mean, come on! Losery dude won’t get off the couch of his newly married best bud? How tired is that? We’re pretty sure they came up with the plot long after some god damned movie exec came up with the title. Probably while explaining what was going to happen during some sick, cocaine fuelled orgy (“Okay, next round, it’ll be you, me, and Dupree. Wait! I just had an idea!” etc.).
There’s Little Man, too, but even thinking about it makes us ashamed for all humanity.
Ignore all of that rubbish, because, basically, you’re already missing Cinematheque Ontario’s Summer Samurai season. Last night was Sanjuro, Akira Kurosawa’s companion/sequel to Yojimbo (which inspired A Fistful of Dollars). No matter. You can still go and check out Yojimbo itself on Saturday at 8:45pm. Well worth it. The Samurai continues throughout the week. They’re also continuing to show the films of Michelangelo Antonioni, but we here are reminded of some of the words of Colin Geddes spoke before one of the showings during the Heroic Grace series – seeing a cult film, even a respected one such as Sword of Doom (Tuesday, 8:45pm), particularly now we’ve lost the reps, is infinitely rarer than seeing a respected classic on the big screen. Honestly? If you’ve got the choice, see a samurai flick instead of an Antonioni. Especially if you’ve never seen one. Not enough people came out for the Kung Fu. All showings are at Jackman Hall, AGO, 317 Dundas W.
If for some absurd reason that doesn’t tickle your fancy there’s the Roots:Remix festival at the Harbourfront Centre, and, you know, we shouldn’t forget the lonely old Bloor. It’s showing a nice range of stuff, including, apparently, “The Dresden Dolls present short films and Dadaist vaudeville w/ performance by Amanda Palmer.” (Saturday, 9 pm). The Bloor is located at 506 Bloor W.