Elsewhere in the Ist-A-Verse
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Elsewhere in the Ist-A-Verse

Hey, have y’all been using our new “Recommend this” feature at the bottom of each post? This week we’re bringing you the “Most Recommended” posts from across the -ist world, as well as recommending some of our own.
Phillyist thinks that readers recommended this post the most because “most of our quieter readers (probably) agree with us that rude commenting sucks.” Know what else sucks? Philly’s not getting the Olympics, but they are getting thinner.
Torontoist‘s most recommended post is about the move to save an historic local movie theatre. When Torontoist isn’t saving the movies, they’re out interviewing The Futureheads, and evaluating the handwriting on those restaurant chalkboards. They’re everywhere!
The first part of Chicagoist‘s Guide to the Pitchfork Music Fest was their top-recommended post (see part two here). For those of you not about to rock, check out posts on how Chicago’s big box stores must pay a higher minimum wage and a journalist who wants to have her cake and eat it too.
Who knew that Austinist readers would recommend a personal account of fertility-challenges in droves? Not us! We’re far less surprised (but insanely jealous) that Austinist would get profiled in their local daily newspaper. Another Austin blogger to get some attention: Stephanie Klein, who is living the blog-to-book dream.
LAist‘s most recommended post is this seriously intense personal account of a laptop theft and retrieval, easily the most heart-pounding thing we’ve read online all week. Fortunately, we can get back to our usual state of Zen with this review of a new vegan restaurant and this summer photo essay.
We were, quite literally, drooling over Gothamist‘s most recommended post, on the most amazing chocolate store we have ever seen. We’re booking a ticket to NY now, and refuse to be dissuaded by this tragic tale of underage clubbing gone bad. So sad! We prefer our crime Muppet style.
Bostonist theorizes that “people probably were into dogs exploding — unfortunately all they found was crudely drawn comics” when they recommended this post. Bostonist also gives us our favorite sentence of the week, in “What could be more surreal than an elderly bagel maven snorting his worth in blow?”. What, indeed? Hey, Ikea meatballs are our anti-drug.
Seattlest‘s most recommended post blows the lid off a secret restaurant. Meanwhile, the Washington Supreme Court upholds the Defense of Marriage Act, and Seattlest subtly protests this move by doing the gayest thing you can do while dressed: buying a mango slicer.
Shanghaiist‘s most recommended post makes us sing “F**k Yeah!” regarding a cop on cop Sanshou shoot out. Shanghaiist fag hag continues to give us what we want with this week’s column on cab drivers. And who doesn’t relish a bad restaurant review?
Londonist‘s new column, Hacking London, topped their recomendations by interviewing one of the creators of property-finding tool Nestoria. In the unofficial trend of first person narratives this week, Londonist Alex is an assassin. And what the hell are these?
While San Franciscans have never been known for thair fashion sense (does polar fleece count as fashion? We think not.) SFist’s most recommended post was on a sighting of their mayor in acid washed jeans. Almost as recommended was the post thanking Bay Area readers for voting SFist Best Blog in the Bay Area in the leading local weekly. Also, they fret that Halloween might be cancelled.
What is it with DCist readers and Whole Foods? DCist speculates that their readers recommended this post on the grocery store because “people in the District are pretty opinionated about grocery stores. Either they hope a Whole Foods bumps up the value of real estate, are pissed Whole Foods may gentrify the nabe and want to keep it real, or are too lazy to walk, ride their bikes, or drive 10 blocks to the one that’s already there.” Maybe they’ll be more inclined to just go out to eat after they read this insider’s perspective on fine dining. Oh, and if you’re wondering where the images from today’s post came from, here’s an explanation.
All images from Ironic Sans, used by permission
Links compiled by SFist Eve “Recommend This!” Batey