Councillors Get Raise, TO Battles In Court Over Sludge, Stingy With Our Blood
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Councillors Get Raise, TO Battles In Court Over Sludge, Stingy With Our Blood

2006_7_28cityhall.jpgAfter much righteous chest-thumping over fiscal responsibility and respect for the taxpayers, council barely decided to give itself a 9% pay raise. The vote passed 22-21, and the three interim councillors who won’t be running in November’s election, all voted in favour of the increase. Councillors’ salaries have now been bumped up to $95,000 and the Mayor’s salary will be hiked to $160,000. Jane Pitfield has vowed to make this a campaign issue so we won’t be seeing the end of this anytime soon.
Maybe Robert Frost was onto something when he said good fences make for good neighbours. A Toronto-area man has been sentenced to 10-years for beating his neighbour and leaving her for dead.
Two senior citizens were brought to hospital yesterday after being in a scuffle with two purse snatchers. The two ladies were mugged by two men yesterday but they fought back and in the resulting struggle one of the women broke her hip.
The City of Toronto is going to court to try to force Republic Services, the company who owns the Michigan landfill that currently receives our sludge, to find an alternate site for our sludge. After August 1st, Michigan will be closing its borders to our processed sewage.
A gardening contractor found unexploded World War One era munitions underneath a tree stump. Instead of doing the sensible thing and calling the police he decided to drive it into a police station through the Jane and Finch area. Smart, real smart.
We might be number one at recycling but we apparently suck at donating blood. What gives Toronto? Are we afraid of needles? Too busy? We should be ashamed of ourselves. According to Canadian Blood Services only about 4% of eligible Canadians actually donate blood, Toronto’s rate of donation is half of the rate in blood-happy Newfoundland. So next time you see a Newfie give him a hug, he probably just donated blood.
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