The T35A08 Dissected




The T35A08 Dissected

2006_6_7subwa.jpgTorontoist visited the mock-up of the T35A08 (better name still pending) and have mixed reviews of the mockup. We couldn’t quite get a handle on what the new trains will actually feel like considering features like “perimeter seating” and alternate colour schemes were not actually implemented.
Nonetheless we want to point out a few things that raised our eyebrows.

1) The “multi purpose/easy access/wheelchair area”
2006_6_7subway2.jpgLet’s face it the population of the City of Toronto, like the rest of the country, is going to get older which means more people will be in wheelchairs. The TTC hasn’t forgotten this and added more spots on their newer trains which is great. We hope they’ll consider using these areas for cyclists who want to commute using a combination of transit and pedal power.
2) Safety information monitors and electronic information display system
2006_6_7subway3.jpgWe hope that the TTC will only use these LCD screens for TTC information like service disruptions, construction notices and events. It’s tempting to sell off parts of the space to advertisers but our subway cars needs more advertising like Yorkville needs more SUVs.

3) Closed circuit cameras

While the TTC was not on the list of targets that doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen on the system. Cameras would deter vandals, harrasment and any number of illegal activities but we wonder who’s watching and will there be adequate privacy safeguards?

4) Alternate colour schemes

2006_6_7subway4.jpgIs the red/silver/grey colour scheme getting dated? The light blue looks futuristic but our companion felt that it looked a little cold and sterile. One of our other friends loved the bright, playful yellow. In true Trading Spaces fashion you can even pick your own three colour theme. But please don’t pick the unholy purple and orange colour scheme. We’ll be looking at it for the next 20 years people!