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2006_06_13pizza.jpgThe fridge is empty. The sink is overflowing with dirty dishes. The counter is encrusted with a layer of food grime. Adventuring into the kitchen is a frightening experience. It’s a miracle that the rodents and roaches aren’t in sight. When you’re busy and famished and uninterested in doing household chores and too lazy to go outside, ordering pizza is a wise decision.
Too hungry to think of a pizza joint (aside from Pizza Pizza), we decided to see what the online browsing would bring us. Luckily, we managed to find Upon browsing through the “Toronto West” category, we found a listing for “Hot Slice Pizza.” Hot slice? Sounds great! But wait! There’s a pizza review for “Hot Slice Pizza” entitled “i have to go to the bathroom” which explains the pains of eating too much pizza in one sitting. It sounds like the reviewer had a true pizza experience. We decided to try the “Hot Slice Pizza” for ourselves and it turns out that the review was quite accurate. The moral of the story: it might be wise to trust the online reviews (from time to time). If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a slice of the “Hot Slice Pizza.”
What’s funnier than an amusing pizza review? The fact that the Toronto Pizza has a game page with a selection of 27 games to play, including Stinky Bean and Udder Madness. The website also has a forum with 4 members and 1 post: “I make my own pizza. so the best place for me is my own kitchen!” Sounds like a far better idea than experimenting with the “Hot Slice.”