Film Fridays: A Week of Death and (Superman's) Rebirth
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Film Fridays: A Week of Death and (Superman’s) Rebirth

Right. Well, first up, a quick reminder to you about the post which lies a bit below this one – the most pleasing way to say goodbye to the Revue and the Royal will be to check out tonight’s Kung Fu Friday at the Revue (Crippled Avengers, people! The Wu-Tang Clan like it! What’s stopping you?) And then checking out Dion Conflict’s Trailer Trash 2 at the Royal on Saturday. And then cry buckets of tears, probably. Torontoist expects to have a bit of a bubble at the end of the final Kung Fu Friday, anyway (hey. It means a lot to us.)
It’s a week of death, we suppose. The Ninth Annual Splice This! Film Festival is also the finaleth annual appearance of the Super-8 film festival. Eye’s Jason Anderson covers the festival’s last gasp better than we could, with a particular spotlight on Who is Bozo Texino? – All showings tonight and tomorrow at the Xpace, 303 Augusta.
Other festivals continuing this week are the Reelheart International Film Festival, the Toronto International Portuguese Film Festival, and the Art of Love International Film Festival, and it’s a good thing too, as this is one rank week for cinemagoers.
2006_06_23_supes.jpgIt’s like, everyone saw Superman Returns on the horizon and then they gave up. But Superman? Frankly? Who cares about a film about some invincible jerk, even if it is directed by Bryan Singer? Torontoist probably cares about Adam Sandler’s new vehicle, Click, more, but that’s only because Christopher Walken is in it. Eye’s Adam Nayman, actually, hated it, but writes a gloriously fitting recursion when he refers to Walken’s character as a ‘Christopher Walken-ish weirdo’.
Oh, yeah, actually, Superman Returns is available in Imax 3D, I guess. That’s kind of interesting. The trailers show Supes totally taking a bullet on the eyeball and not flinching, too. I mean, come on – wouldn’t he blink at least? Wouldn’t it have at least been slightly irritating? What a dick.
Well, anyway, at least Cinematheque Ontario are reliable as always, with this week’s finest picks their Amir Kahn retrospective. If you haven’t had a chance to see some of Bollywood’s finest, you can do little better than checking out Lagaan (Tuesday 27th, 6:30pm), a three and a half hour epic mixing cricket with a tale of Indian uprising against the British. It’s far, far better than it sounds.
Plus! Musical numbers! (It’s showing at Jackman Hall, AGO, 317 Dundas W.)