Tall Poppy Interview: More or Les, local hip-hop virtuoso
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Tall Poppy Interview: More or Les, local hip-hop virtuoso

moreorlesinterview2.jpgYou’ve read the positive reviews in the weeklies. You’ve seen him busking on Queen Street. You’ve read about him on less cool blogs. He’s More or Les, and here’s his none too in-depth interview on Torontoist:
What’s the name of your album and when does it come out?
Name: The Truth About Rap
Comes out: May 31st. at Play De Record, Kops, Slinky Music and other currently undisclosed locations…
Why should we buy it?
a) Because it’s fun to buy things
b) It has 19 dope-ass tracks featuring Cale Sampson and D-Ray of Rhythmicru, SJ the Wordburglar, Latte D. Kyd and a bunch of dope-ass producers from TO, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver and the UK.
c) It’s good karma to support dope-ass local music.
d) You’ll never get to hear Les say “dope-ass” ever again.
e) All of the above.
What’s the deal with brunch?
It’s a meal typically eaten late in the morning as a combination of a late breakfast and an early lunch.

Where did you get the idea to busk on Queen St.?
Wanting to get more CD’s to more people in a way that they could hear the music, and not just have some guy yelling at them to buy something they can’t sample. Consider it a live version of the listening post at your local music franchise…and desperation for laundry change. Most stores won’t break a five.
moreorlesinterview3.jpgHave you ever been forced to battle anyone while you were busking?
So can you give us a quick, one-line dis that we can yell at someone on the street or perhaps use in the Torontoist comment boards?
If wanna’ be more / than a wack dude / you need to practice / and not just in your bathroom!
(to the instrumental of “Be Easy” off the new GhostFace Killah album FishScale)
We heard you’re writing a chapter in the next Utopia on local hip-hop. Is this true?
It is…and speaking of truth – The Truth About Rap release party is Wed. May 31 at the Reverb 651 Queen Street West – 10 bucks gets you in & a CD…
What kind of research, if any, did writing about Toronto hip-hop involve?
Looking things up on the internet, to make sure the names of rappers were correct. (I’m serious….)
What are your favourite local rappers?
(top 6 in no particular order)
SJ the Wordburglar
Miss Butter
Latte D. Kyd
Wio-K of Monolith
(there are too many to mention here…)
Who are you currently beefing with?
Myself. Every single day….
Which rap slang (bling, crunk, hyphie, chunk deuce, ice, beef) is the most annoying to you at the moment?
“My lovely lady lumps.”
List your top 5 favourite hip-hop songs of all-time, in order, right now.
(best to not the best)
1) Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Leaders of the New School
2) Don’t Believe the Hype – Public Enemy
3) something by MF Doom
4) Catch a Bad One – Del the Funky Homosapien
5) Top Billin’ – Audio Two
The Truth About Rap release party is Wed. May 31 at the Reverb 651Queen Street W. $10 gets you in & a CD, $8 just gets you in. The show also features Rhythmicru, SJ the Wordburglar, shebang!