Keepin' Your Cool
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Keepin’ Your Cool

2006_05_31heatwave.jpgThe topic of HOT needs no further explanation. We all know that it’s hotter than hot. Yes, it’s a bazillion degrees with the humidex. Here are some tips to put a temporary hold on sweating your guts out:
1-Hop on the subway and ride it for hours. The TTC is in full swing and MOST subway cars (but not ALL subway cars) are kept cool. Spend your day listening to music and/or reading a book and/or people watching and/or taking photos and/or catching some zzzzzz’s while you ride the cool public transit.
2-Go to Dufferin Mall. Dufferin Mall is the best mall in the city by far. Nicknamed “Ghetto Mall” by many folks, you’ll find that Dufferin Mall is a supercool experience. Relax on a bench or, even better, have a seat in a luxurious massage chair. If you’re up for some shopping or browsing, check out the Dollarama and/or Winners, which are two of the finest stores in the mall. Perhaps you’re hungry and/or thirsty? Visit No Frills for some eats and then head over to the Beer Store for some beverage(s). If the mall scene makes you feel nauseous, have a seat in the shade at Dufferin Grove Park.
3-Jump into a pool. The city is full of wading pools, splash pads, swimming pools, and hotel pools. Sadly, you can only take advantage of the indoor pools seeing as the outdoor facilities are shut down for now (zut alors!). You’ll have to wait until June 3 to use one of the 111 wading pools or 64 splash pads. As for the outdoor swimming pools, 41 of them will open on June 17 and the remaining 19 will open by June 19. To swim in luxury, check out the city’s hotel pools. For detailed descriptions of tips and techniques on accessing the swanky pools, visit the Infiltration website. If you’d rather stay at home (or in the office), stick your feet (and/or other body parts) into a tub of ice water.
4-Where’s the oscillating fan? Dig out the fan from your closet or basement or cupboard and make sure to clean the blades to spare yourself from the evils of dust pollution (which may cause you to sneeze). If you can’t find your fan, it may be a wise decision to invest in a new one.
5-Stick your head into the freezer. Be careful of wasting energy, but putting your head into the freezer for a little while might do you some good on a day like today. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try sticking other body parts into the freezer.
6-Frozen treats are good. Popsicles, freezies, and ice cream are pretty tasty. If you’re not feeling too lethargic, you may want to try making your own popsicles. Watch out for excessive drippage.
7-Do a rain dance. Bring on the rain with a wacky dance and then step outside to cool off. If we’re lucky, the rain will do us some good.
Avoid using the AC in excess and opt for alternative ways of keepin’ it cool. The City of Toronto’s “Emergency Cooling Centres” were in full effect last June but we haven’t heard any news of their existence as of yet. What were they? Water balloon tournaments with Mayor Miller? Hmmmm……