Elsewhere in the Ist-A-Verse
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Elsewhere in the Ist-A-Verse

Shanghaiist probably knows a little more about China than the Chicago Sun-Times. Giving them the benefit of the doubt on that one. The city does to have a music scene. Don’t even front like they don’t. They also have Dorito bananas and white guys shopping for wives. What they don’t have is any more tolerance for jaywalkers.
139071924_61b5460606_os.jpgBostonist sees Boston and Somerville each whip out their art and face off. A plagiarized novel is the gift that keeps giving, and Johnny Damon returns to Fenway in the wrong uni. Some dude goes about amazing his neighbors and immigrants march.
Torontoist tiptoes through the… cherry blossoms. Someone from the Arcade Fire writes incredibly inside lyrics for a solo album and a spoof boy band rocks Fringe Festival. Also, can you actually cease and desist someone for biting your anagram map? Apparently, you can.
Gothamist interviews Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs this week while a raging inferno burns and burns. David Blaine is well protected from the flames in his spherical aquarium, though. The chicken at Dirty Bird gets people all excited and Triangleball just doesn’t make any damn sense.
Londonist asks that you please not bleed on the seats. Monkeys are stealing cell phones, a culinary ambulance is responding to food emergencies, and the Japanese have come up with a London anthem.
138750550_d05f740ca1_bs.jpgSFist hit a foul ball during batting practice that nailed Barry Bonds in the head and the A’s respond by bum rushing them. Or, those are two separate incidents, neither involving the SFist softball team. Ryan Adams concerts suck and movies about Golden Gate suicides may not go over well in San Francisco. And Immigrants march.
Phillyist suggests that the customer may not always be right. Can that be true? Cue the Imperial March – Some heavy hitters come to Philly for a conference called “Islam and the West.” Some students get shot and Bill Ricchini gets interviewed. Immigrants march.
LAist‘s basketball team isn’t following the script on the way to the All L.A. Series. DJ Dusk is missed already, the Black Rider is spotted and My Humps keeps coming back for more. And immigrants march.
Chicagoist cashes in their guns this week for $100 a pop and launches an investigation that blew the lid off the fact that piss stinks. A suburban mayor does a number on a government-issue credit card at a strip club, some jerk gets grope-y with a resourceful ebay user and immigrants march.
138877860_d9eb3e557a_bs.jpgSeattlest attends a few events with surprise guests: Al Gore shows up at one and the World’s youngest punk at another. “Two junk foods enter, one junk food leaves.” The Mariners make the best of things and the Secretary of Transportation loses his driver’s license. Immigrants march.
DCist‘s got the biggest balls of them all. Alright, maybe not the biggest, but definitely the most at the Testicle Festival. They also have an owner for their baseball team, John Vanderslice and mad game in the realm of distilled wine. Plus there’s some supporting of the troops goin’ on courtesy of Gary Sinise.
Houstonist‘s best girl Anna Nicole gets a “Go on, Girl!” from the Supreme Court and then maybe turns up preggers. Wild animals may not make the best pets, Americans may not be the best geographers and heated car seats may not be the best way to avoid severe burns.
Austinist went to Coachella and came back all Christian rock somehow. The director of The Devil and Daniel Johnston is interviewed, this World Cup thing is coming up and a local high school bans some books.
Images by Charley Bandes, Matt Cohen and Bradley Wilson