Toronto as the next Dubai
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Toronto as the next Dubai

Toronto is the next Dubai like Maurizio Bevilacqua is the next Prime Minister. But this little artist’s rendition of the imagined amalgamation of the Toronto and Dubai skylines was cute enough to post.
If any Canadian city is to enjoy Dubai-like prosperity though, with the glass hotels and such everywhere, it’d probably be Calgary. And that isn’t too much of a stretch: by 2025, statistics say Canada will be a leading oil-producing country and even more needed as a crutch for the oil-hungry United States.
So, if this oddly mashed-up skyline (where’s the Rogers Centre?) wishes to be less odd, it might cut-and-paste the Calgary Tower over the C.N. But no, it’d still be awfully odd. We’ve included an information table after the jump to make this post at least a little bit informative.