Seal-ing the Deal (or, Join the Club)
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Seal-ing the Deal (or, Join the Club)

Harp%20Seal%20471072.jpgIt seems the little recipe our (now)resident shit disturber Ann cooked up (but not literally cooked up – no more e-mails telling us we should be flayed alive, please and thank you) yesterday caused a bit of a stir among the humourless and misinformed. We would like to state for the record that no seals were harmed for the posting of the recipe.
Seriously, though, what alarms us most about the kerfuffle in our in-box is the amount of misinformation that abounds about the seal hunt. And we’re not being accusatory here – we are also grossly underinformed about the seal hunt. So we did a bit of research last night, and dug up a few interesting links that will, hopefully, clarify a few things about the hunt and put an end to the vitriolic e-mails.
A fact sheet from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans clearly stating that the seal hunt is NOT subsidized by the Canadian government.
Some background info from the CBC’s website.
The actual laws regarding the hunt, which are many, and strictly enforced.
For you anthropology and history buffs, a nifty page detailing the extensive history of the seal hunt in Canada.
We are neither for or against the seal hunt at this point – we have only begun to sift through this information ourselves, and still don’t feel informed enough to form an opinion either way. So instead of an opinion, we’d like to end with another tasteless joke, courtesy of our littlest sister’s friends. They want to open a bar called the Seal Club. Instead of umbrellas in the drinks, there will be little plastic hakapiks.