Kennedy Quits Cabinet, Shadowy Towers and Police Bribery




Kennedy Quits Cabinet, Shadowy Towers and Police Bribery

2006_4_5kennedy.jpgIt’s official, Gerard Kennedy will be running for the federal Liberal leadership. Minister of Community and Social Services Sandra Pupatello will be taking over Kennedy’s job as Education Minister. In other Liberal Leadership news Bob Rae is joining the party.
Police are called in to a West End apartment building to defuse a bomb. Nobody was hurt but one man is under arrest and will also be going psychiatric assessment.
Kids in Scarborough won’t have to be afraid of the police anymore! Local officers will actually be handing out positive tickets, treats like Raptors tickets and pizza coupons for good deeds like lining up properly for the TTC, riding a bike with safety gear on and helping someone across the street.
A controversial hotel development in Yorkville that will partially block out the sun for an elementary school is going to go ahead despite community objections. One big factor is a two million dollar payout that the developer gave to do renovations and improvements to the school.
The TTC is starting up April’s Pizzazz events, a cheap ploy to make us forget that the TTC jacked up fares.
The Jays start their run as the only Toronto team that probably won’t suck this year. They won their home-opener against the Twins 6-3.