Dear Mr. Ryan
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Dear Mr. Ryan

2006_2_22ryan.jpgWe here at Torontoist on the whole like unions. But in this case we’re distraught that you would think about illegally walking out of your jobs at midnight and in the process take out our schools, snow ploughs, and half-a-dozen other services. Frankly your language sounds like posturing and a lot of bluster. It’s also a move that would hurt your organization.
“”We are coming out of this room today, the one thing that will not be on their agenda I can guarantee you is that this will be a one day protest….This will not be a one day protest,”” you said to reporters yesterday.
Ask yourself do you really want to waste goodwill and political capital on this? We understand that pensions are important, but it’s a system that is in need of restructuring in order for it be financially viable in the future. Frankly today’s seniors live longer and retiring at 65 might mean staying at home and going stir crazy for another 25 years. It also means that employees are paying out pensions for longer. Don’t just think about CUPE and unions now or five years from now, think about these very same organizations 20-25 years from now when employers keel over under the weight of pension payments.
Also, let’s look at the optics of this situation. All we’re reading right now is that this is an illegal strike and sadly, unless you’ve got one crack public relations team all the public will hear are the words illegal strike. This isn’t the big bad Harris government. This isn’t a corporation making record profits being run by a CEO with a golden parachute that would put Donald Trump to shame. This is a government that for all its waffling and promise breaking has actually tried to be friendly to unions in this province. That should count for something.
We at Torontoist think you should call off your dogs Mr. Ryan, save your bluster for something else.