Live From New York (via Torontoist's In-Box)
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Live From New York (via Torontoist’s In-Box)

rockemsockemrobots.gifWe don’t really feel like discussing last night’s ridiculous debate (is it just us, or is Gilles Duceppe’s English getting worse as these debates go on? Really, we think it’s all an act – Duceppe probably speaks perfect English, but refuses to out of spite), which served only to convince us that we can’t, in good conscience, vote for any of the candidates.
We’d rather discuss a far more important debate – a diss-and-defend Toronto smackdown that went down between two New York City bloggers last week. FishbowlNY‘s Rachel Sklar (hi, Rachel!) e-mailed us over the weekend to tattle on fellow Gawker Media blogger Will Leitch for harshing on our fair city in a post discussing why the Maple Leafs might be the most hated hockey team in history. Sklar, a former Torontoian herself, immediately jumped to the defensive, citing Pelee Island wine and quality KitKats as two reasons why we don’t suck (she forgot about Coffee Crisp and Aero bars, which our American cousins always demand cases of whenever we visit, but we digress). In any case, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy to know that we have allies all over the place, keeping watch over the New York media.