Churley For Mayor, We Don't Think So
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Churley For Mayor, We Don’t Think So

On Monday night most NDPers were pretty happy. The party got more seats, more votes and Olivia Chow was elected. One let down was Marilyn Churley’s defeat in the Beaches to Liberal incumbent Maria Minna. Churley had given up her seat at Queens Park to run federally and now her political career is in doubt.
We expect Churley to be a little bit upset but threatening to run against the mayor as reported in this week’s Now is one way to jeopardize what little is left of your political life.
Running against a popular incumbent mayor isn’t what I would call fun, and Churley might actually split the left-wing vote if she runs a good campaign. Anyone remember what the last right-of-centre mayor was like? The mayoral election is also 10 months away which would put it somewhere half-way through the life of your average minority parliament. Which is when a future candidate should be building support, finding allies, raising money, etc. So what should Churley do? Take some time off, regroup and get ready for the next round. A federal election is just another confidence motion away and McGuinty’s Liberals can only hang on to Queens’ Park for so long. Marilyn, you’ll be back and hopefully better than ever.