Canada's Guardian?
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Canada’s Guardian?

Whereas Margaret Wente blows the whistle on off-the-record police meanderings, the rest of Toronto looks toward a viable solution to growing gun problems. One idea that has neary a mention by Wente or anyone else is that of giving a greater voice for those marginalized by Canadian society.
In the recent race-riots in Paris, there were claims of widespread ignorance on the part of the French government. Here, there seems to be similar issues. In a place where Margaret Wente can go to print with hearsay of a police statistic, there isn’t much in the way of information exchange. For the majority of society, information exchange happens in media. Outside of a good blog, more gun-affected areas of Toronto do not have appropriate media representation. One solution, if we are serious about solutions, is to establish a meaningful newspaper/media source for more “high-risk areas” (as they say) of Toronto. This would increase a sense of community as well as educate people of the actual issues (ie, not police rumours) of the city.
One outfit that could fulfill such a role could be a new progressive and cross-culture newspaper called the Canadian. Well, not really. It’s very politically-driven with featured articles on a fantasy political party and the standard Shania Twain-in-a-bra stuff. But at least its manifesto is in the right place?