Jean Chretien, Master Cock Blocker
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Jean Chretien, Master Cock Blocker

First of all, Torontoist would like to aplogize to those of a more sensitive temperament for this unpleasant mental image.
Cock Block: 1. A fence to prevent chickens (cocks) from leaving their designated area on a farm.
2. To prevent someone from getting sexual intercourse. See the Kool G Rap song “Operation CB”.
Definition courtesy of the Rap Dictionary .
Let’s ignore the first definition, despite the fact that Jean Chretien did prevent Paul Martin from “leaving his designated area” for many many years. It’s the second that Torontoist finds more interesting.
Paul Martin and the Liberals were pretty happy today after announcing that astronaut Marc Garneau would be running for the Liberals meaning that if elected he’d probably be the only MP whose who’s actually been to space and not just spacey (ahem Gurmant Grewal).
But a few hours after the mostly positive and feel-good announcement master cock blocker Chretien announced that he’d be filing a challenge to Judge Gomery’s finding that the former PM was partially responsible for the sponsorship scandal. Chretien’s associates argued the unfortunate timing had nothing to do with the election and everything to do with filing the complaint before the 30-day deadline. Chretien critics point out that this would’ve been a pretty ill-timed case of procrastination considering the Prime Minister had, well, 30 days. Either way, those who don’t like Liberals are probably snickering at the impact that the Little Guy from Shawinigan can have from the political beyond.