CBC Got The Drop On Bedouin




CBC Got The Drop On Bedouin

soundclashnot.jpgWhere have Bedouin Soundclash not been over the last year? Well, they’ve definitely not been nowhere (that is, they’ve been everywhere). And with this type of saturation inevitably comes backlash. Thus far, though, the only real hint of mainstream backlash came after their hyped Lee’s Palace show last year – one which was rampantly attended by jocks and ‘dudes in khakis.’ (We discussed that issue a long long time ago, here).
But now, any backlash that may occurr has been cued: BS have made it on to CBC National Playlist (weekdays, 11:30am) accompanied by much resistance from Ceeb listeners. Playlist co-host Shelagh Rogers read some agitated emails about the band this morning, though mostly from the rural/older set, and mentioned the songs’ poor performance among the admittedly strange ranks of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.
Are CBC listeners too aged to understand the emerging talent of Bedouin Soundclash? Or is it that Bedouin’s lead single and Zellers spot, “When the Night Feels My Song,” plays too close a homage to Toots and the Maytals classic “Pressure Drop” – which is unfortunately only remembered by these oldies? Or do CBC listeners care about reggae music, and realise the Bedouin song is more appropriation than homage (certainly no cultural signifiers here)? Whatever the case, the song dropping off this chart, and perhaps more if the band can’t avoid what might be unavoidable.