Ben, Ou est l’amour?
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Ben, Ou est l’amour?

Also, where are your clothes?
Yes, we know, this ain’t anywhere near la province du poutine, but last time we checked there wasn’t a Montrealist site…so we will make an exception today.
Ben Stiller has requested that production and filming of his new movie move to Vancouver from Montreal, because he hates Montreal, according to these guys. This will cause a loss of 500 jobs in the Montreal film industry, as well as a loss of $3M, which was sunk into production.
Because we’re all thorough about our research and shit here at TOist, we decided to post some nuggets from the Babelfish-translated Le Journal de Montreal article below. Sorry, no lj-cuts in existence, so you’re just gonna have to read on. Some idiosyncratic French phrases come out real nice in English. Some gems below:
For Michel Trudel [some guy who works at the studio in Montreal or something], this loss is a brick on the head. Year 2005 finished well thanks to this méga-production, “but, I await news of two other large productions”.
Also: Claude Paré [a movie decorations budget manager of some sort] said himself extremely disappointed. “I have the heart in water. It is between 300 and 500 inhabitants of Quebec which will be private of work during several months.”
Bricks on the head? Hearts in the water? Ben, what are you doing to these simple French-Canadian folk? Simply devastating.
Oh, and if you’re wondering what the hell the movie’s about, please enjoy the French-to-English translation:
“The Night At the Museum” is a family comedy which tells the history inattentive museum attendant which starts by accident an old curse which brings back to the life the animals and the insects of the museum.
Which brings us to the conclusion that Ben Stiller still sucks on his own merit, in addition to the fact that he hates Montreal.
PS) In other Montreal news, it’s been revealed that the champion ex-coach and GM of the Montreal Canadiens, Jacques Demers, was (and continues to be?) illiterate. Mind your p’s and q’s! Really, though, it takes a tough motherfucker to win a Stanley Cup but a tougher one to admit he can’t read. Kudos.