eFrank is as Funny as Frank, Which Was Not Funny
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eFrank is as Funny as Frank, Which Was Not Funny

efrank.jpgFrank Magazine is unwelcomely back. For those unfamiliar with Frank Magazine, take a look at the NOW Magazines’ Up Front feature. It’s a fairly basic formula: take an unflattering picture of a public figure, use photoshop to prove your point, and write unfunny pejoratives to match the graphic. An example of what you might see in Up Front on Thursday:

Mayor Miller’s cronyism is at an all-time high – or should we say low. Seems like Miller and those bozos from downtown care more about hiring buddies from their local supermarket than buying healthy groceries for our city. So where was Miller when we hired Dash Domi? In the produce section, apparently.

daviddingwall.jpgAnd, as you see to your left, the new eFrank Magazine is no different (ie reaching for puns, metaphors, ending up in dumb jokes). Here they use a Up Front-esque photo of former Mint guy David Dingwall looking like an idiot. Then, they hackishly photoshopped the words “minty fresh” on his bald forehead – because he worked at the Royal Canadian Mint. What? That’s not funny. And either was/is the lameville magazine. Since eFrank only comes out once a week, and it’s subscription, hopefully this is the last time anyone will hear of it.
(“Minty Fresh”…Besides the play on the word ‘mint,’ what does that even mean? Did Frank Magazine spend the entire week thinking of that joke? Isn’t there a more clever joke in the name ‘Dingwall’? There has GOT to be something funnier there.)