The Every Station Club
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The Every Station Club

There are those who ride transit to get from point A to point B, and there are those who revel in the pure awesomeness of urban transit: the number of employees and passengers involved every day; the huge impact it has on people’s lives; the enormous infrastructure required. Usually after a number of years living in Toronto, people in the latter group begin to mentally check off the stations they’ve used, and look forward to using stations they’ve never been to before, perhaps with the hopes of one day joining The Every Station Club.
The latest person seeking entry to this prestigious club is self-described transit geek Greg Smith. He’s been in Toronto only a short while, but he’s made it his goal to visit every station within his first year in this fair city, and is documenting his journey with proof on his blog 69 Stations.
For now, he plans on doing it with pure legitimacy, that is, visiting the area of every station with a purpose, although he will occasionally get off a stop early if it means visiting a new station and collecting another transfer. However, as the popular stations are checked off, Greg explains how he may have to resort to a new tactic:
“As the project progresses, I think I’ll have to contrive a few trips specifically to check-off certain stations, but I’ll make a point of strolling around the neighbourhood and spending some time in each station’s environs. Even so, I think that’s still compatible with my goal because it’ll spur me to explore parts of the city I’ve never been to before and otherwise might never have seen. Once you’ve had a chance to absorb and appreciate the little idiosyncrasies of each place, you’re left with all sorts of reasons to come back again.”
Other members in The Every Station Club:
Myself – one of the things I looked forward to when creating the TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide was visiting every station. Before the guide, there were a few stations I had never made it to, but I wasn’t sure which ones. I knew by putting the guide together my acceptance into the club was guaranteed.
Matthew Blackett – Matthew was one of the people I was most looking forward to showing the ttc subway rider efficiency guide to when I first created it, as here was a rare person I could empathize with who also methodically visited each station. Matthew created the Spacing Subway Buttons, and visited each station to photograph the tiles. His acceptance into the club hasn’t yet been granted, as transit fans still await the promised Sheppard line and Scarborough RT buttons.
Michael Brown – Michael joined The Every Station Club in one day. He took a ten hour trip visiting each station, picking up a transfer, and drawing a pencil sketch of a subway rider on the transfer. His work, titled Wednesday January 5, 2005, was on display at King station this past summer.
Ninjalicious – Ninj was one of the first members in recent history to join The Every Station Club. On, he chronicled his journey through the TTC subway system for issue 5 of his zine, and then again while the Sheppard line was under construction.