Streeter: Face Full of Vagina
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Streeter: Face Full of Vagina

streeter.gifAfter hearing this bad boy, Torontoist dashed toward a pen and paper so never to forget the lively exchange. As is usually the case, two little guys were talking casually after eating pizza. Here’s what we overheard, then maybe overwrote:
Little 1: So I got a face full of vagina yesterday.
Little 2: Really?
Little 1: Yeah. It was about 6:40 pm, I was cycling past the HMV going north on Yonge Street. This woman was walking over those subway crates and a burst of air came up. It was like that Marilyn Monroe scene, just with no underwear.
Little 2: No under garment of any kind?
Little 1: Nope. And then she just walked away.
Little 2: Jesus.
But here’s the kicker, Torontoist faithful. While we were running around reporting such incident at the Bloor and Spadina intersection, we grabbed a streeter of a completely different variety. The event occurred when this temporarly unstable individual came out of the Brunny and followed us down the street. Just so you can get a mental picture, the young man had shaved black hair, one of those beards sans moustache and a collared shirt. Check this:
Some Drunk guy: HEY!
Torontoist: (walking…)
SDG: Hey! Show me your ljongoshosi.
Torontoist stops at street light. Man with half-beard approaches.
SDG: Show me your lard underwear right now.
Torontoist: My “lard” underwear? Do you mean “long” underwear?
SDG: Show…me…your…lard underwear!
Torontoist: I’m not wearing any. (Is this a reference to my weight?)
SDG: Eat a dick, FAT FACE!
Torontoist: Jesus.