CBC Hold'Em: Start Pouring the Coffee Again
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CBC Hold’Em: Start Pouring the Coffee Again

cbcmug.jpgRumours are a-fly that the CBC will be back in the house as early as next week. No, we’re not referring to the Classic Buick Club or Canadian-Born Chinese or Cold-Blooded Creatures, we’re referring to the most-trusted news source in Canada. Torontoist has obtained such information from an ex-CTV producer, via somebody we met on the streetcar yesterday. Sound like an unreliable source followed by an unfounded rumour? Well check your facts, mister:
Exhibit C: Toronto Unlocked, the CIUT owned, locked-out CBC employee run radio station (which probably had more media mentions than listeners), has officially called it quits. This, my funny friends, is for a reason.
Exhibit B: The big-wigs are starting to come to their senses, holding meaningful meetings in Montreal…Montreal, of course, being the home of the delicious A L Van Houtte coffee.
Exhibit C: Wade Belak. Not just the player, but the league he represents. It would be too costly to go another season without full revenue.
Torontoist would love to be right about this one, if only so we can gloat in the face of TOist detractors. But in truth, everyone already should know about this: Take a look at CBC personality Don Cherry aka Mr. Right, who will quote-unquote respect the union. Or check up on our notoriously ‘dithering’ PM Paul Martin, who has stood firm on not crossing picket lines…Are these two just acting way out of character? Or do they know that a certain strike is coming to a certain end?
Thus far, Torontoist has a decent record of predictions, so we wouldn’t want to throw that away here. We must note: There is a groundhog day-like aura about this – it could be next week, or it could be six months. For interests’ sake, let’s make a small wager on this and say it’ll be another week. Anyone who wishes to challenge this, step up in comment sections or emails and you’ll receive a free Desperate Housewives soundtrack – featuring new Shania Twain and excerpts from the hit Fox TV series. Good wishes to all parties involved; but most of all, to Promo Girl.