24 Hours With...Torontoist
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24 Hours With…Torontoist

Since there hasn’t yet been an article that really articulates what we’re about here, Torontoist has decided to submit our own. And this isn’t some monthly fluff piece, this is really indicative of our culture and personal constitutions. Two months ago in Toronto Life, Globe writer and Queen’s University alumni Russell Smith planned out 24 hours of activities in Toronto without regard to cost or plausibility. Last month, impish designer Joeffer Coac told Toronto Life how he’d spend a single perfect day in Toronto on an unlimited budget. And now, it’s Torontoist’s turn.
We wake up in the morning next to our sweetheart at around 9 in the morning. We’re getting up this early because we’ve slept for four days straight, and are considerably well-rested. After putting on our most flavourful cardigan, we walk down to College Street, with our hand stuffed in our partner’s back pocket. We dine at Boom Breakfast, ordering two of all the signature dishes. We have a hearty breakfast, and get the rest packed up in easy-to-carry paper bags. Then we stroll down College Street till we get to the home recording studio of Toronto beatmaker DJ Serious. We spit some phat rhymes over one of Serious’s newer beats, until local rapper K’Naan shows up to add some much needed structure to the song. With K’Naan is Toronto-friendly rapper Mos Def, who plays piano while we invoke our best sing/rap act. We leave here around 11 am, and continue heading west on College with our fresh 12″ under our arm.

We stop by Soundscapes and buy 250 CDs ($500+), which we send home to be alphabetized or collated or whatever with one of their employees. We also sell them our track with Serious. They in turn sell that record and beg for more. We leave there to grab a pork-pie hat in Kensington ($30).
After a smallish vegetarian burrito at Big Fat Burrito ($3.50), we walk down to College and Yonge. En route, we distribute our left-over breakfast at the Mission and exchange a few jokes with the guests there. One joke would be: “So this grasshopper walks into a bar, and the bartender says, ‘Hey we got a drink named after you!’ The grasshopper replies, “You have a drink named Jim?'” Get it?
We buy a transferrable day pass at College Station, making sure our sugar-pie got on the subway going to her home while we made our way to the Royal York. At the Royal York, we have high tea ($100+) with Paul Martin, Ujjal Dosanjh, Bill Graham and Irwin Cotler. A few laughs are had, but we mainly discuss Canada’s changing role in the UN. We then get all members of government on the subway with our TTC pass.
By now, it’s around 5 pm – which for us is time for Churrascos chicken ($8.99 per entry, plus lots of $$$ for drinks and extra pirri pirri). We stuff our faces with the entire Torontoist staff, as well as a few other bloggers (and of course our main squeeze is there). There are computers for blogging in the restaurant.
We then head down to the Green Room to see a solo show by Rufus Wainwright. Martha is also there, as well as David Miller and the cast of Train 48. Beverages are had, the day ends.
Total cost: Depends on how much the cast of Train 48 drinks…