The 'Give Me Your House Keys' Mixtape
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The ‘Give Me Your House Keys’ Mixtape

There is just so much good music to be found online and much of it as free and legal downloads. That’s what Torontoist wants to share with you in these Le Mercredi Mixtapes and that’s what *sixeyes share as well. So many artists, bands, and indie music labels offer mp3s that you could live in front of your monitor searching for new music. And Torontoist does…. here’s what we’ve been living on lately.
1. Akron/Family – “Running, Returning”
You can find these four gents on Michael Gira’s (Swans, Angels of Light) own label, Young God Records. The history of the band is more than a little shady, but one thing is certain, these young men are a tight unit on record. Their sound is experimental…. no, wait, that’s not a bad thing… coming on, visually at least, like mountain men, they give away their wide ranging record collection with hints of The Beach Boys and The Beatles, and even sounding like an ‘Appalachian’ Radiohead at times.
Finn Andrews Veils 2005 8 31.jpg2. Apollo Sunshine – “Today Is The Day”
Nothing all that revelatory on Apollo Sunshine’s “Today Is The Day”, just well played music that has a rock-a-billy soul and a rock-n-roll heart.
3. Minus Story – “Knocking On Your Head”
Delivered by the soft warble of Jordan Geiger, “Knocking On Your Head” once more displays the Missouri band’s eccentric song arrangements albeit in a more accessible way then they have, or can.. Off of No Rest For Ghosts, set to be released October 11th.
4. The Veils – “The Tide That Left And Never Came Back”
Down Under band, The Veils, is led by the tender of age, Finn Andrews (pictured). Andrews draws songs from his pen which tend to deserve the tag ‘timeless’. Refraining from pop culture references and such, songs can easily be imbued with a traditional air, but the air surrounding Veils songs is also clouded with the smoke of Andrews ragged and endearing vocals and the warp and gristle of electric guitars.

5. Quasi – “Drunken Tears”
Torontoist loves the way this song smashes into your ears at the start. Piano, cymbals, drums. Then the piano starts the melody – and boy does it start – just rolling along with it’s own funky little tail slapping its ass on the backbeat, but hey, the piano man is only getting started here. The bridge, oh, man… the bridge is like getting stuffed into a metal garbage can and rolled down, if not off, that bridge… by your girlfriend.
6. Jason Collett – “Idols Of Exile” Album Stream
You can stream Jason Collett’s brilliant new album, Idols of Exile (arts & crafts), on his Arts & Crafts artistpage by clicking on the music link (Torontoist should warn you arts & crafts is a flash site). Not only is it a collection of finely played, well written, and seductively sung music, it is also superbly produced by Howie Beck.
7. Delays – “Nearer Than Heaven”
If you were smitten when first hearing the strains of “There She Goes” by The La’s, then prepare for further smotting… uh, smitting?… to be smat? Whatever the hell the term is, be prepared.
8. Bronx Cheerleader – “Hollywood Ending”
Here is a brand spankin’ new Toronto area band. Bronx Cheerleader are S.D. (Scott) Warren, Eron Stroud, Thomas Tracey and Sauder (Warren and Sauder are former members of the lauded and now defunct ‘alterna-pop’ band, Pope Factory). This song, “Hollywood Ending”, from their pending release, Tough Guy Cliches on Yummy Recordings, will swirl around you. And like smoke, you may not notice until it begins to fill you up… slowly, very slowly, it will seep into you.
9. Empress – “Vodka and the Verlaines”
A slowly picked guitar and pecked out piano notes lay atop what a warm summer wind sounds like as you float with your ears submerged, your hair fanned like silky seaweed behind your head, in your neighbors pool. Your neighbor is in Arizona or Saskatchewan (you forget which) for an estate auction. Still you float, half in and half out of the leaf strewn pool, half in and half out of sleep — and you have all you need: a warm pool, the keys to your neighbor’s house, and the Empress song, “Vodka and the Verlaines”, playing in your head.
Torontoist loves summer… and the keys to someone else’s house.
Torontoist should feature much more local talent here in the Mixtapes, so if you know of a local artist or band that has mp3s online to download, let Torontoist know in the comments… and we’ll share the love (if we like it, that is).