Restaurants: No toes found at the Black Camel!
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Restaurants: No toes found at the Black Camel!

blackcamel.jpgIt’s difficult to find purveyors who truly understand the art of putting together a well-composed sandwich, with juicy meats, succulent sauces, and fresh, crunchy greens (if applicable), but John Volpe and his crew at the Black Camel do a decent job of it.
This neat and tidy black-and-white-tiled boite serves up higher-end sandwiches, including a juicy pulled pork sandwich and soft, tender beef brisket sandwich (like a high-end Arby’s roast beef-on-a-bun, but better), which Torontoist tried on a visit with several of our friends, one who’d been raving about these sandwiches for months to us.
The pulled barbecue pork shoulder sandwich had a soft, falling-off-the-bone quality, and was complemented by an equally fresh and airy kaiser bun ($7.50), plus homemade barbeque sauce with a maple syrup and molasses base. Torontoist also added some caramelized onions (75 cents) to my sandwich for good effect. While Torontoist enjoyed the texture and moistness of the meat, we felt that the seasoning of the meat might have needed a little extra ‘oomph’, as it tasted a bit on the bland side. Otherwise, Black Camel could have a bona fide winner on their hands.
The second sandwich Torontoist sampled was the Angus beef brisket ($7.50), with a nice helping of tangy horseradish mayonnaise on top. Black Camel gets their Angus beef from Cumbrae Meats — not just any meat supplier — so you know this stuff’s gotta be good. Torontoist
definitely enjoyed the thinly shaved slices of beef, but felt that the sandwich needed a nice helping of melted cheese to really ‘up’ the level of the sandwich and introduce some added complexity of flavour to it.
At the time of our visit, the Camel didn’t offer any additional cheese toppings, but Torontoist, for one, would heartily welcome it.
The place is small and narrow, with only a few stool seats in the front and an additional patio in back, with many takeout customers coming in and out the doors. We’d recommend doing a takeout blitz and then going home to doctor the sandwiches to perfection (Tabasco mayonnaise, melted cheese, pickled jalapenos), as the Black Camel basic sandwich is a solid product, just begging for your at-home
customization skills. Black Camel is located at 4 Crescent Road (at Rosedale Subway Station), but you can call and order ahead at 416-929-7518.